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Stainless Steel Hollow Bar: Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Hollow Bar: Stainless Steel Bar

Stainless Steel Hollow barStainless Steel Hollow Bar takes into account expanded cutting pace, diminished apparatus wear, and quicker set up times. This bar is completely strung, “dispensable” penetrate bars equipped for boring openings using conciliatory bits that will propel the bore string to the required profundity and afterward enable them to be grouted set up.

This bar produced using austenitic stainless steel bar and additionally duplex stainless steel with various sizes like outside distance across 32 mm to 273m and inside measurement 1.26 mm to 10.75 mm. SS Hollow bar is either arrives in a hexagon or a round bar with an opening in the focal point of the bar. It is basically utilized as a part of the mining business as an empty boring apparatus.


Easily install only in one step and very quickly.

Offered extend permits the utilization of littler gear at lower cost.

Easily available in various sizes to contains loading requirements.

Broadly and globally endorsed stainless steel empty bar with inward and outer quality control.

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